To help you make the best choice, the kayak inflatable ranges are classified and named according to the performance desired/intended. « Beach », « Sport » and « Performance » are labels that will guide you as you make your selection. So whether its serious exploring, having fun at the beach, hooking big fish, or taking them travelling, we hope you’ll enjoy the whole BIC Sport kayak range out on the water !

Our 3 ranges make finding your perfect inflatable kayak easier than ever:

- Beach The inflatable model in the inflatable Beach range is designed for leisure paddling close to the beach or on lakes and rivers. Aimed at beginners and occasional paddlers, it is stable, sturdy and light weight and is well fitted for and suited to family fun. It packs down into a carry bag but can be unpacked and inflated in minutes.
Kayaks concerned: Kalyma

- Sport The new range of YAKKAir Full HP reveals significant advances in the design of inflatable kayaks, with a panelled structure using the new Drop Stitch technology. These high-pressure inflated, rock-solid panels, assembled around pre-formed bow and stern elements, combine to create an ultra-rigid, high-performance kayak. A new revolution in inflatables...
Kayaks concerned: YAKKAir Full HP 1, 2 & 3

- Performance The principle behind these highly innovative inflatables lies in their use of multiple materials to help reduce weight, plus the use of a keel and bottom section inflated to high pressure to give the hull a superbly efficient V shape. Result : the Nomad HP are light weight and high performance boats with the advantage of pack-down and storage into a compact carry bag. This means you can get to further flung and less accessible spots much more easily.
Kayaks concerned: Nomad HP 1 & 3

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