Women of SUP

Women of SUP


Paddling with Your Core | 3 Basic Stand Up Paddling Strokes to Master

In this video, Anna Levesque explains the importance of paddling with your core, and goes over 3 basic stand up paddling strokes to master.

Stand Up Paddling | How to Load Your SUP on Your Car

In this stand up paddling video, Anna Levesque shows you how to load your SUP on your car by yourself.

I Am A Stand Up Paddleboarder | Women of SUP on the Crystal Coast

A video that takes a deeper look at how stand up paddling offers so many different things to people.

How to Stand on a Stand Up Paddleboard | SUP 101 Techniques

Anna Levesque explains how to stand on a stand up paddleboard. In this SUP 101 techniques video, Anna goes over the importance of a neutral stance and how you can achieve it.

The Crystal Kai SUP Cup | Women of SUP on the Crystal Coast

The Crystal Kai SUP Cup is an annual race that takes place on the Crystal Coast outside of Beaufort, North Carolina.

Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing | Anchoring Your SUP

Bri Andrassy discusses paddleboard fishing and why anchoring your SUP is important when landing your catch. In this video, she shows you how to set up and drop your anchor from your board.

Extra Safety Tips to Boost Your Confidence on the Water | Stand Up Paddling

In this video, we discuss some extra safety tips to boost your confidence while on the water stand up paddling.

How to Get Started Stand Up Paddle Fishing | SUP Fishing 101

Bri Andrassy shares some tips on how to get started stand up paddle fishing. In SUP fishing 101, Bri covers some of her favorite set ups on her board and offers tips for ladies looking to get into the sport.